Tuesday 16 May, 2017 10:00AM - Wednesday 17 May, 2017 05:00PM


1971 - Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

DURAR is a regional research and training program aims to foster innovation and creativity in cultural heritage, responding to local needs and realities. Through a customized program of activities, DURAR guides the process of knowledge exchange, skills development and industry advocacy, in order to show how innovative use of cultural heritage can be an investment opportunity for countries that leads to economic growth, development of new markets and job creation, social cohesion and environmental sustainability. DURAR connects creative industries producers, policy makers, and other actors within the sector to engage in learning and dialogue. “DURAR has been touring for 2 years, 10 editions, in 4 continents, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, over 60 international & local experts from 15 nationalities.”



In this time of unprecedented change and increased resource constraints worldwide, the potential of the creative economy and the creative and cultural industries as a driver of socio-economic development is significant. Experts show how innovative use of cultural heritage can be an investment opportunity for countries that leads to economic growth, however, this will require a dynamic approach, which sees cultural heritage as an integral part of today’s economy and society. Recognizing this, DURAR offers a platform to cultivate new approaches for economic diversification and human capital development inspired from local cultural heritage in collaboration with local and international experts and local communities to develop opportunities and skills for employability, and to formulate effective methodologies to be shared and used by all stakeholders.



DURAR Tour 2017 is privileged to collaborate with prestigious and experienced organizations form Spain, France, Senegal, Morocco, Georgia, Azerbaijan supporting the program with their experts, funds and knowledge such as:

LABPATC – University of Barcelona.

The State Historical-Architectural Reserve of “Icherisheher” under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan among others.

Fatyly – Senegal



The main pillars of DURAR Tour 2017, were international and local experts will be debating:

1- Cultural and Creative Tourism development and Cultural Heritage

– Dr, Jordi Tresserras:

Director of LABPATC- Laboratory of Heritage, Cultural Tourism and Creativity- University of Barcelona – Spain.

– Dr. Asmer Abdullayeva:

– Project coordinator – The State Historical-Architectural Reserve of “Icherisheher”, Baku Azerbaijan


2- Design, crafts innovation and Local Heritage.

– Fashion Design and local crafts: by Chubika – Georgia – Ministry of Culture – Georgia.

– Product Design and local heritage: by Faty Ly – Senegal / France.

– Curating Art and Design exhibitions: by Cecilia Lobel – Barcelona



1- Contemporary Heritage: Transforming Culture and Heritage into Contemporary Design By Faty Ly and Dr. Asmer Abdullayeva

2- Fashion Design Lab: Investigation in new headpieces inspired by local culture By Chubika