"Remade" Workshop


Saturday 30 June, 2018 10:00AM - Saturday 30 June, 2018 02:00PM


1971-Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

1971 Design Space presents the “Remade” workshop by Ola Dajani and Lina Younes. Participants are invited to study the concepts and processes deployed by Pichiglas Studio and Yomuto to fabricate our own world. There will be a touring to the exhibition and dissecting the works within. The aim is not to recreate the exhibition, rather research and generate ideas that serve curiosities. Participants will collect, cut, recycle, upcycle, and build novel forms. In addition to generating ideas to create materials and play with materials to create ideas, and through this ‘play’ they will remake our world.

The workshop is designed to embrace and celebrate “Remade”, and to create a collaborative community installation to commemorate the conclusion of the exhibition.


Fees: AED 150

Age: 12+

To register please contact 1971–Design Space on +971 6 528 4644

or by e-mail at