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Saturday 17 March, 2018 10:00AM - Saturday 30 June, 2018 05:00PM


1971 - Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

REMADE: Making everyday objects go beyond their functionality


Alfonso de la Fuente (PICHIGLAS STUDIO)

Curated by Cecilia Lobel


1971-Design Space in collaboration with L&B Gallery introduce “Remade”, an exhibition that proposes to create a dialogue between two designers of unique pieces. PICHIGLAS STUDIO, the professional title of the Spanish designer Alfonso de la Fuente, and YOMUTO, a duo of Barcelona artist Xavi Muñoz and the Italian designer Federico Tosco.

All works stem from concepts such as memories, recycling, and making everyday objects go beyond their functional life to become thoughtful and exclusive compositions. The main difference between YOMUTO and PICHIGLAS STUDIO is the origin of their materials, but in both cases the designers recycle everyday objects, decontextualizing them and giving them a second opportunity by converting them into unique pieces of design.

YOMUTO, being designers inspired by the world of the arts, create multifaceted works which embrace a complex but iconographic vision of domestic life. Although their materials are largely recycled, they still respect the past of each object, conveying memories and emotional value in that they reform them, composing what they call “magical structures connected by inspiration.” They use materials from markets,, second-hand shops, end of season/series objects – principally in glass- but also parts of different artisanal and industrial objects. They create a sophisticated language which translates the contradictions and the diversity emanating from the contemporary multicultural world.

In the case of PICHIGLAS STUDIO, Alfonso de la Fuente started with plastic recycling, mainly plastic bottles and other industrial designs. The designer began improving his technique working with plastic by adding products from one dollar shops in order to produce the same effect, but in a more efficient and amusing way. In fact, the level of the materials integrated into the design are beneath the level of “Art Total” or “ Total work of art” which means a work that makes use or strives to use as many forms of art, creating integrated projects following the same concept: lamps, furniture, wall decoration… The designs of PICHIGLAS STUDIO have become more and more elegant and of greater quality. In some cases, the basic materials continue to be everyday objects, decontextualized and low cost -like, for example, a plastic funnel- but in this case the finished works end up in a very unexpected way to be bronze or copper plated.

The exhibition proposal of YOMUTO explores the possibility of creating works within some of its characteristic series (totems and granny lamps) and complements these with installations and site-specific works produced especially for this exhibition. In the case of Alfonso de la Fuente he plans to create various pieces of diverse formats produced in Sharjah for the exhibition.