Unheard Voices


Sunday 1 March, 2020 9:00AM - Saturday 4 April, 2020 07:00PM


Courtyard, Dubai

In collaboration with Total Arts and Hamzat Wasl, 1971 – Design Space presents Unheard Voices at Courtyard in AlQuoz, Dubai. Unheard Voices is a series of poetry installations by the U.A.E based artist/ designer Ranim AlHalaky.  The installation aims to transform voices into visuals within a space and context where it focuses on the use of Arabic typography, using the Nastaliq style as visual forms in different mediums to express a poetic verse in an experiential form. Unheard Voices builds a setting and hence an experience to its audience. The installation is an on-going series of experimentations and executions where  Unheard Voices D01 was commissioned by 1971 – Design Space as part of RASM Exhibition that was curated by Huda Smitshuizen Abifares, and launched in November 2018. As a continuation to the series AlHalaky created Unheard Voices D02 where it showed for the first time at Downtown Editions 2019 as part of Downtown Design. AlHalaky continues with the process of typographic 3D-metal experimentation in space, yet with sound integrated this time. Taking the same scheme of message through poetry and same mediums used to create an interactive installation that speaks to the audience. After all, the voices are out there, all you have to do is listen. D01 was a silent version of the speaking D02. Those voices can be pleasing to some but also disturbing to others.


About Ranim Al Halaky

Ranim is a Lebanese/Syrian Graphic Designer, graduated from the American University of Beirut with Honors in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, 2015. In 2017, she was awarded The International Graphic Design Award and published by the AIAP Women in Design Awards in Italy, on her work including her final year thesis and project book/object in space, 50 METERS OF STORYTELLING. This project also won the Areen Award for excellence in Graphic Design in Lebanon, year 2015; and in 2016 was awarded and published by NYC Print Magazine, Merit Award for Typography and Lettering. Her calligraphic installation Unheard Voices – D01 was exhibited at 1971 – Design Space (2018-2019). In her work she emphasizes on the use of Arabic Typography as a visual element. Her work and research varies from print to 3D objects and experiences in space leading to experiential designs. She has received several national and International awards on her work. She has worked as a freelance designer with a range of regional and international clients, in Amsterdam, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Dubai through design studios and freelance. Al Halaky currently lives and works with Tinkah Design Studio in Dubai, UAE.